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Exclusive turkey feed production unit of Zarrin Jojeh Shomal Company

Nutrition and good quality of feed play an important role in bringing broiler turkeys to the standards set by the relevant strains. It is reacting and this fledgling industry has always witnessed heavy losses in turkey farms for many years due to grain contamination with these drugs.
Therefore, in line with its development plans, Zarrin Jojeh Company decided to put into operation a dedicated turkey feed production unit with an annual capacity of 6,000 tons of turkey feed in the industrial city of Rasht, Gilan province, in September 2016.

Zarrin Jojeh Shomal Company, using the advice of the most reputable centers related to the turkey breeding industry in the world and using fresh and nutritious raw materials, to start producing nutritious and quality rations to increase the productivity of broiler turkey farms. Be.
In addition to daily controls of raw materials in terms of essential nutrients (protein, fat, etc.) in the feed, this unit, in collaboration with the Central Laboratory of Tehran, controls the relevant tests that directly affect human and animal health. N.