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About Us

Our mission is; introduction and supply of turkey meat as a Nutritious and economical source of protein.

We officially started with setting an independent Hatchery in 2011 in the region of north of Iran.

Currently, our company is a leading company as the integrated turkey industry in Iran with its breeding units, independent hatchery, feed mill unit, Processing and packaging unit, participation in growing fowls and distribution channels.

ZJS Co. using the advice of the most trusted centers in the turkey industry in the world, directly imports the most suitable strains of turkeys and breeding these poults in the most modern and equipped breeding farm, along with following the highest biosecurity measures and under supervision of staff specialist veterinarians and Livestock Engineers to produce fertile turkey eggs and finally produce high quality one day old poults.

In addition to its commercial activities, we has tried to promote scientific and domestication of turkey industry in Iran with the advancement of several scientific projects, and holding several seminars in Iran.

We exports the healthy products manufactured to many countries. The export of our manufactured to foreign countries and the satisfaction of the customers is a source of great pride.