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Specialized turkey hatchery factory of Zarrin Jojeh Shomal Company

Zarrin Chicken North Incubator Factory was put into operation in late 2011 in Lahijan. This unit is the first specialized unit of independent turkey hatchery in the country and with the opening of this unit, Zarrin Jojeh Company officially started working.
The turkey hatchery unit of this company with a production capacity of 3 million pieces of broiler turkeys per year, is the largest and only independent specialized turkey hatchery unit in Iran.
All incubators of this factory are provided and installed by Petersime Belgium (manufacturer of specialized incubators in the world).

Specialized hatchery unit of Zarrin Jojeh Shomal Company, using the advice of the most reputable centers related to the world turkey breeding industry, following the highest standards in world health and strict supervision, has started to produce the highest quality one-day-old turkey chicks in different strains.

Due to the independence of the specialized turkey hatchery unit and having the highest conditions of biosecurity, technology and having experienced staff, this company now provides services to other turkey breeding companies throughout the country.

The fertilized eggs produced by the productive farms are transferred to the hatchery unit with appropriate equipment and after separation based on the age of the herd and the age of the eggs, they are properly disinfected and finally kept in sterilizers for 25 days. The duration of the set devices provides the right temperature, humidity and sleeping angle for these fertilized eggs. The company’s ostriches are all single-stage, which minimizes the possibility of cross-contamination between the fertilized eggs of different units. After 25 days of incubation in the setter, the eggs are transferred to the hatchery to hatch for the remaining 3 days.

The chickens are transported from the hatchery with special machines for transporting the chickens in completely hygienic conditions.
The Golden Chicken Incubation Factory of North Chicken is proud to get the highest hatching rate from turkey eggs during its years of operation. Customers’ satisfaction with the chickens produced in this factory is also a source of pride and pride for the managers and employees of this factory.