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The most demanded side in the world
This breed is designed for those breeders who are interested in breeding heavy birds for greater profitability and productivity.
The balance between excellent conversion rate and flexible weight gain in this area leads to special products that can be marketed with specific weights.

The bird of this species is very hardy and can adapt to different climates and different management systems. It is therefore recommended for organic and antibiotic-free meat markets.
To be highly productive during the broiler breeding season, you need to watch, listen and understand what the turkeys are telling you.

Careful monitoring of turkey herd behavior will help you understand if the herd is in good condition. By tracking the stages of growth and nutrition during the different weeks of rearing, it becomes easy for you to determine what factors you need or what factors need to change in order to achieve optimal utilization during the rearing period.
Use the following information to make sure that your success in the breeding period is guaranteed.