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مشارکت در پرورش در مزارع بوقلمون گوشتی و ارائه خدمات مشاوره دامپزشکی

Participate in breeding in broiler turkey farms and provide veterinary consulting services
Creating suitable environmental conditions such as temperature, relative humidity and good ventilation are vital factors in raising healthy turkeys. Also, feed accounts for approximately 70% of the current costs of broiler turkey production units, so the preparation, distribution and provision of suitable and desirable feed for turkey chicks play a key role in the economic efficiency of the herd.
With the aim of improving breeding conditions and increasing the productivity of broiler turkeys and consequently increasing the economic productivity of customers, Zarrin Jojeh Shomal Company, in cooperation with Single Turkey, offers the following services to broiler farms under its contract:

Participation in breeding (technical, financial)
Distribution and sale of turkey meat
Manufacture and distribution of turkey feed
Veterinary services:
Training of newcomer farmers to this industry before inoculation
Veterinary and health advice before hatching to prepare the breeding hall
Regular veterinary consultation during the breeding period of broiler turkeys
Nutrition advice based on herd age
Scientific and accurate monitoring of the herd in terms of weight performance, feed consumption and percentage of losses on a weekly basis